Flexibility from apartment buildings

Providing explicit demand capabilities

First phase focus

Building HVAC

Heat pump & ventilation

Demonstrate and validate Resource Manager (RM) and Customer Energy Manager (CEM) solutions developed for an apartment building. In the first phase, the focus is on the electricity side of flexibility management i.e., heat pump and ventilation machines.

Resource Manager

Develop RM Catalogue entries from the centralised HVAC system of the building. The space heating will be shifted in time without compromising the comfort of the residents. Models for predicting the response of the building’s HVAC system will be developed and tested.

Explicit demand response with baseline & flexibility forecasts

Connect the CEM developed for the apartment building to an Virtual Power Plant platform. The advanced explicit DR mechanisms to be developed include baseline and flexibility forecasts that enable more deterministic control by the aggregator.

Pilot management & participants

Engaging tech providers & apartment stakeholders

Pilot manager
Caverion - Energy Service Company & technology provider
Pilot manager
Enerim - technology provider
Building manager
Apartment residents

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