Flexibility across sectors and buildings in the city

Optimising across energy sectors

First phase focus

Cultural city center HVAC

Sector integration

Install a geothermal heat pump at the cultural center  to unlock the flexibility potential. Optimal management of the vectors (heat pump and district heating) can be used for maximising flexibility.

Load Shifting

Shift the space heating of the building without compromising the user’s comfort. Models for predicting the response of the building will be developed and tested.

Cross-sector energy optimisation

Develop a Customer Energy Manager (CEM) to allow cost optimization depending on the prices of the electricity for the heat pump and of the hot water for the district heating network.

Aggregation of consumers from different sectors

Install smart metering and enable proactive control schemes across private houses and apartments, city natatorium and public school.

Pilot management & participants

Engaging several actors in the city’s energy ecosystem

Pilot manager
Clube - Bioeconomy and Environment cluster
Pilot manager
Municipality of Eordaia
Users of the public buildings
Households and apartment residents

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