Flexibility from industry, commercial & residential buildings

Achieving an energy- and cost-efficient operation

First phase focus
HVAC-R systems & local control for energy efficiency

Industry & commercial buildings

Develop and deploy Resource Manager (RM) and Customer Energy Manager (CEM) for industry/commercial buildings on top of existing hardware at the building premises which has the latest Building Automation and Control system. The building will contain a HVAC system, in particular heat pumps and will address RM and CEM implementation for the local energy dispatch.

Resource Manager

Test the RMs to manage several devices of different vendors via various field protocols to reach a high technical homogeneity and support the replication of the services by other pilots. Resource management may further be investigated by individual RM control per device or clustering of several devices into a single RM.

Energy and cost-efficient operation

Investigate the results on advanced hybrid models and their field deployment for control. Existing data from the pilots will be systematically collected and fed into physical models for pre-training of a hybrid, Model Predictive Control solution. Integrated in the software catalogue, this implementation will then be deployed and validated in the different pilots in order to access the performance of the optimal control modules in the different types of building use.

Pilot management & participants

Involving commercial and private customers

Pilot manager
Consolinno Energy GmbH - ESCO and technology provider
Pilot manager
fortiss GmbH - research institute
Commercial building manager
Household owners
Industrial building owners

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