Flexibility from EVs

Facilitating large-scale deployment of V2G projects

The objective is to reduce the energy cost and carbon footprint through:

  • EV smart charging

  • Auto-consumption – optimising renewable energy usage

  • V2G flexibility provision – shifting the demand

One of the expected benefits is to demonstrate a clear and transparent business model for large-scale deployment and replication of V2G projects.

First phase focus

Energy optimisation & flexibility provision

Resource Manager Catalogue

Populate the Resource Manager (RM) Catalogue with entries for EVs, V2G EVs and PV to monitor and control the assets with standard protocols.

Customer Energy Manager

Develop and test Customer Energy Manager (CEM) solution to remotely manage the charging via the RM and provide a user interface for EV drivers incentivising their behaviour.

Flexibility Provision

Develop a smart-charging algorithm to optimise cost based on price and flexibility signals, solar production and state of vehicle charge. The intelligence is integrated with the CEM solution.

Pilot management & participants

Involving several stakeholders

Pilot manager
Bovlabs S.A.S - EV charging solution provider
Pilot manager
Trialog S.A.S - Technology Provider
Site operator
Market actor procuring flexibility
Market actor procuring flexibility
Energy retailer
Market actor supplying electricity

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