An important goal for the Municipality of Eordea is to optimise the energy consumption of its public buildings and enable its local citizens to achieve similar outcomes in their homes through participation in energy flexibility programmes.

To inform about RESONANCE and raise awareness of the benefits and ways to optimise energy at home through project participation, the Municipality of Eordea invited local residents to a local community gathering on 8th December where approximately 30 people attended.

Together with a representative of the District Heating Municipal Company of Ptolemaida, the Municipality of Eordea shared details about the instalment of smart measuring devices for real-time consumption monitoring. They also discussed the concept of demand response, exploring scenarios that integrate weather forecasts and hourly prices to create proactive control systems.

The gathering was a success, with all participants showing interest and agreeing to take part and now the Municipality of Eordea will initiate the next steps, while continuing the recruitment process.

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