The Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia, CluBE, organised a booth with several workshops at the historic Thessaloniki International Fair which took place from 9-17 September.

As part of promoting activities and projects, CluBE hosted a workshop on 13 September to explore synergies between RESONANCE and other similar projects that CluBE is involved in. In the workshop titled “Exploring Energy & Digital Transition: A journey though projects”, the projects REGIO1st and Kozani 2030 were bridged with the activities of RESONANCE.

REGIO1st is a LIFE project, focusing on the Energy Efficiency First principle (EE1st) in regional planning and Kozani 2030 refers to the development of Kozani’s climate city contract, becoming one of 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030.

During the workshop, we had some very fruitful discussions on how RESONANCE and demand response can supplement the energy efficiency first principle of REGIO1ST and help Greece achieve its energy goals”, explains Vasileios Balachtsis, Project Manager at CluBE.

“Additionally, the workshop touched upon the key activities in Kozani 2030 which are related to green energy production, energy efficient buildings, electrification and alternative fuels in mobility. To reach climate neutrality, a successful implementation of these activities requires a holistic approach where smart systems, such as energy management systems, as well as their optimised operation, such as demand response, will play a major role in facilitating the transition and closing the gap”, concludes Vasileios Balachtsis.

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